I'm obsessed with the male psyche - that's my drive, and my medium is clothing. I want to change the men's lifestyle landscape”

 – Mr Q

Our Mission

The new "New Look"

Conceived from the roots of classical tailoring, The Prefecture delivers exactly as expected from this traditional craft: individuality, high quality products made by skilled artisans and great service...except with an elegantly unique twist: Tropical Tailoring. The Prefecture is proud to be the only brand specialising in this new frontier in menswear, starting with the South East Asian region.

Our objective is to extend this ideal across all aspects of men's lifestyle products, starting with refined casual clothing. The intention is to create a single umbrella that forms a lifestyle headquarters for men.​


We have grand ambitions to change the men's lifestyle landscape...join us on this wild and fun journey.

The Craft

Passion. Obsession. Detail.

Founded by Mr Q, who hails from Zimbabwe via London, The Prefecture is a luxury menswear brand specialising in casual bespoke tailoring alongside an array of classic attire such as business suits, shirts and tuxedos. Make contact and allow us to introduce you to an entirely new approach to how you present yourself through your clothing.

Our Services

Colour. Cut. Confidence.

Based in Singapore and with an active tribe of fiercely loyal international clients across 18 countries, we provide services concerning all matters of style for the aspirational and style conscious man of the tropical and metropolitan regions.

We work diligently with each individual to create a uniquely personal style, from workwear down to refined casual weekend wear. 

Style has taken on a whole new meaning.

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